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Medical Pedicures- Now Available

Safe & Hygienic Treatment For Your Feet

Have you had an infection before from a nail salon?


NO MORE!! Introducing Medical Pedicure, available at Downtown
Medi Pedi (Downtown Foot Clinic), in the concourse level of Sheraton Hotel near York and Queen. 

Set within a medical foot clinic, our trained nail technicians used sterilized equipment and organic nail polish. The difference with our cleaning technique is that we use medical grade sterilization processes, which includes using the same machine hospitals use to steam clean their instruments for surgery. 

Almost all nail salons, except those set within a medical facility, will either wipe down their instruments with rubbing alcohol or use an ultrasonic cleaner which does not 100% clean everything off. Rest assured, you will receive a safe and hygienic treatment for your feet. 

Relax in one of our massage chairs as we pamper your feet!

We are specialist supervised and trained to watch out for certain infections such as: 

  • Fungal Nails 

  • Ingrown toe nails 

  • Warts

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Our preferred choice of nail polish is a 100% vegan

It is also enriched with organic ingredients which work to maintain and promote optimal nail health.

 Avoid Getting Dry Skin This Season 

Relax in one of our massage chairs as we pamper your feet. this process is completed by one of our technicians

and involves buffing the bottom of the feet to remove as much dead skin as possible (with a foot filer).

We then use an exfoliator and rub it all over the feet until the beads have disappeared.

Finally, we will rinse your feet with warm water and add an emollient cream. 

We use the highest quality products including German-made Gehwol soaks and Footlogix products.

There is a nominal surcharge for this service. 

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