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45 minute Medical Pedicure $120
INCLUDES nail/callus care, exfoliation, massage

60 minute Medical Pedicure $150
INCLUDES Consultation with Chiropodist
(the foot specialist) + advanced nail/callus care, anti-microbial soak
and exfoliation, massage

add-on Nail Polish $5

Laser Treatments
Pain Laser Therapy                        $75
Laser Fungal Nail                           $150+
Laser Wart                                      $150+

Chiropody/Foot Specialist Treatment
Initial Visit                                       $90+
Subsequent Visit                            $75+
Foot Mobilization Therapy            $65+

Antifungal Nail Polish                    $35+Tax
Fungal Nail Oil                                $85+Tax
Antimicrobial Foot Spray               $25
UV Shoe Sterilizer                          $199.99

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