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Formula 3® is THE ONLY oil-based treatment available that requires no drying time, odorless and does not stain or leave any residue. Formula 3® is absorbed within seconds of contact. Once applied, you do not heed to wait to wash or resume your routine. Formula 3® contains Tolnaftate, an anti-fungal agent used to treat fungal infections to the skin and foot such as ringworm, jock itch and athlete’s foot.

It is recommended to apply Formula 3® twice daily, in the morning after showering and evening before bedtime for better absorption. Depends on the area being treated, a 15 ml Formula 3® usually last 3-6 months.


Formula 3® contains no essential oils of the nut and has a pregnancy rating of category C. There is no evidence of side effects associated with the use of Formula 3®. A very small percentage of patients have developed sensitivity to Tolnaftate as evidence by very minor skin irritation and redness. Simply stop the treatment and the skin will clear. If the condition persists, see the doctor immediately.

Anti Fungal 3

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