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Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus


The laser treatment will remove

a wide variety of bacteria like the Pseudomonas. The laser settings and protocols are constantly being refined, which allow the treatment to reach a 75-80% success rate for the Class 4 laser treatment. 

Factors leading to fungal nail infection include: 

  • Type of fungi

  • Combination of fungi and bacteria 

  • Genetics

  • Age

  • Medications 

  • Strength of immune system and blood circulation

A safe and effective method of treatment for toenail fungus and relevant families of bacteria associated with fungal nail infections. It is estimated that up to 10% of the population worldwide is affected by the common condition. 

Pseudomonas is the type of bacteria that can cause infections and in some cases, may interfere with traditional treatments that are taken orally or topically. Pseudomonas infections can be quite resistant to anti-fungal medication and common antibiotics. 

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3 Months past Treatment 


Depending on the medical history and general health, the frequency of treatment session and duration may vary as per the condition. It is then advised to start with double the number of sessions. For example: Start every 2 weeks for a few sessions and then reassess with your clinician to develop a treatment plan going forward based on your condition. 

In conclusion, the patient's medical condition and several other factors can affect the nail growth and rate for recovery. The laser treatment for nail fungus can reach the maximal success rate by assessing the response to the treatment and scheduling an adequate number of sessions. 

Book your appointment today with us to see if laser nail treatment is right for you!

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